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Feed the children again and again and again

Loading up on $700 worth of SNAP, in addition to $1,400 in welfare
Loading up on $700 worth of SNAP, in addition to $1,400 in welfare
Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

No one can deny that a large problem facing low income families is obesity. The actual facts can be obscured as in this study by the Food Research and Action Center. But look closely at the facts and you will see those affected most are women and children of all demographics based upon income. Even Michelle Obama between vacations has noticed this trend and put her name on a let’s move our ass campaign. But if these people are poor or lower income how can they be overweight? Who is feeding them more than their bodies can handle?

The answer might again be buried in facts from our own government who now predisposes to fix the problem. The Department of Agriculture shows no less than thirteen separate programs to feed the children. These include SNAP (Formally food stamps), WIC (Women infants and Children), NSLP (National School Lunch Program), and SFSP (Summer Food Service Program). Written as a boast of their importance the WIC at a glance page shows 53% of infants born in United State are fed by taxpaying parents of the other 47%.

Starting with SNAP or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program the average benefit per person is $133.41 monthly. The average benefit per household is $278.48 or something slightly over two people in every household receiving SNAP. As a working stiff could you use an extra $278.48 to feed your family? (Compare your state on page 8) When you shop with the few dollars politicians leave you with does this seem excessive? Any politician that suggests scaling back is quickly pummeled by articles like this NYT story about starving children. The justification for the generous amount is to feed the children, but wait what about NSLP?

To feed the children at school every day because SNAP just isn’t enough we taxpayers pump another 11.6 billion just in case their parents can’t find the time to make a lunch. The National School Lunch Program makes lunch for 31 million children up to age 18. At about two dollars a day it would seem to be a bargain if we weren’t already paying to feed them thru SNAP. For those to lazy to pour cereal there is the SBP School breakfast program and so as not to disturb those lazy hazy days of summer there is the Summer Food Service Program.

To make sure anchor babies, illegitimates, and mommies babies don’t starve from lack of SNAP we finance WIC, Women Infants and Children. This allows pregnant women up to six weeks after childbirth (or one year if they breastfeed) and their children to dine on our dollars until they are five years of age and can get to NSLP by themselves. Nationwide 9.7 million take advantage of this program which nets another $55.90 for the children in New York. That’s on top of SNAP, TANF, NSLP and SFSP which are pre-qualifiers for WIC.

All this food going to feed the children doesn’t take into account food pantries run by churches, non-profits and other places. So who is getting all this food money? You can view the break down if you know your election district. (SNAP Community) As you can see from the charts the post racial Obama presidency has done nothing for the minority community in your area. Minorities are over represented according to their demographics in nearly every district. Maybe that is Obama’s plan all along. Who needs him to fix the economy when it only means jobs and who need a job when your rent, heat, food, medical, and even your I-phone are paid for?

One might suppose that if Michelle realizes a few starving children would mean even better vacations she would jump at the chance to help stamp out obesity. But don’t forget close to half the money taken from working Americans to support these programs goes to a myriad of nameless, faceless bureaucrats who administer these programs. What party do you think they support?

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