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Fee hikes by TSA may lead to job loss

Passengers check in for their flights at O'Hare
Passengers check in for their flights at O'Hare
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

The Transportation Security Agency fees are scheduled to increase in July; according to a June 18 article in USA Today. The fees will be blended in with the cost of the airline ticket. Critics of the fee hikes believe that it would disproportionally hurt consumers.

The fee hike schedule is confusing. Consumers would pay an additional $2.50 per nonstop flight; an additional $5.00 for connecting flights, and $5.60 each way. Critics of the fee hikes are more concerned with verbiage in the law that lists out charges on a per segment, and not charges per flight. They believe that this will lead to much higher fees than previously speculated.

The TSA was established in response to the 9-11 attacks; according to Wikipedia. The agency now boasts some 47,000 officers. Their salaries range between $25 thousand and $38 thousand annually.

One business traveler viewed the rate hikes as both “excessive and untimely.” “The fees are essentially passed through; so you may believe that all the pain will be absorbed by the consumer, and that is not so. Travelers may seek to find alternative means of travel; or may not travel at all. This may lead to empty planes; fewer flights, and fewer jobs in the airline industry.”

The increases are expected to generate over $12 billion in revenue over the next decade.

Do you think that the fee hikes proposed by the TSA are necessary? If every dime was utilized to train current ages; would you feel differently?

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Source: USA Today

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