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Fee cuts for Florida Real Estate Commission licensees

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation has instituted permanent fee cuts for Florida Real Estate Commission licensees effective July 1. These reductions will save real estate licensees an average of more than $2.7 million every year on initial and renewal licensure fees. This will benefit brokers, sales associates, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and real estate instructors and schools, according to a statement by the Office of Governor Rick Scott on July 23.

In the statement, Governor Scott was quoted as saying, “We have worked hard to reduce fees and regulations on Florida’s job creators, and fee reduction will total more than $2.7 million that Florida’s real estate industry will be able save. Lower fees will allow the real estate licensees to reinvest into their businesses and continue growing jobs for Florida families,” said Governor Rick Scott.

This was good news for John Sebree, Senior Vice President of Public Policy at the Florida Realtors Association. He was quoted in the statement as saying, “Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s revenue is generated directly from the pockets of hardworking Florida licensees, not sales tax revenues. These permanent fee cuts provide a tangible impact on the hundreds of thousands of Floridians whose livelihoods depend on the success and growth of the real estate industry. Real estate professionals across the state are very appreciative of these reductions,” said Sebree.

People in the real estate industry agree. “I think this is good for the real estate industry. It will help people who are trying to make a living in the real estate profession,” said Juan Perez.

"Anytime the government cuts a fee it is good for business. And when something good happens for business it means more people get hired. I think this new development is good for everyone in Florida," said Marsha Goldstein.

"This will help people who are working hard to make a living in real estate. And this will help create more jobs in real estate," said Gregory Dennison.

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