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Feds to house illegal alien minors at Virginia college

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In addition to housing the flood of illegal alien minors at U.S. military bases, the Obama administration is now apparently planning to send about 600 of them, between the ages of 10 to 17 to the recently closed Saint Paul’s College in tiny Lawrenceville. These children are among the thousands who are currently flooding into this country, mostly into Texas.

Christina Nuckols, spokeswoman for Virginia Health and Human Resources Secretary Bill Hazel, has confirmed that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) contacted her boss, looking for space to accommodate a large number of these minors.

Apparently, Hazel suggested Saint Paul’s College. HHS officials have already toured the campus and the children, mainly from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, could arrive as soon as July 1. The feds will reportedly use the facility for at least six months.

Saint Paul’s President Millard D. Stith Jr., told the Richmond Times-Dispatch: "If this project comes to fruition, it could have a tremendous economic impact on this region."

Unfortunately, that statement may be more foretelling than the good president may realize...

Lawrenceville, Va., has a population of only 1,438. Considering the fact that these children are not receiving any sort of health screening before being admitted into the U.S., and reports of scabies outbreaks, fevers and measles within the border patrol facilities are becoming commonplace, Lawrenceville could soon be overwhelmed with sick residents.

This morning, when questioned as to whether Virginia Health and Human Resources plans to do any screening for disease, Nuckols told this reporter: "I do not know." After reminding Nuckols that these children will not be sent back to their home countries, and will undoubtedly enroll in public schools across this nation in the fall, posing a grave danger to health of American children, she quickly asserted "that is a matter for immigration officials."

Obviously, the Obama administration has no intention of actually securing our border with Mexico, and now plans to distribute these minors, most of whom are teenage boys throughout the entire country. Many of these teenagers are likely gang members, as gang culture is rampant throughout Central America.

And, just how many can we expect to arrive in the near future?

A recently leaked Border Patrol memo stated that the agency estimates more than 230,000 unaccompanied minors (as the Obama administration refers to them) will make the illegal journey to this country by the end of 2015, the Associated Press reported.

As these "unacompanied minors," are sent to live with relatives already living (illegally) in this country, we can expect to see crime, disease and a further strain on municipal services to increase rapidly.