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Feds stop sales of food containers!

Feds stop sales of food containers!
Feds stop sales of food containers!
Food Safety News

Breaking news today, April 2, 2014, from Food Safety News, The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has notified all stores to stop selling food storage containers made by Pathway Investment Corporation of Englewood, NJ. Among these containers are Kinetic Go Green Premium Food Storage Containers, Kinetic Smartwist Series Containers, TRITAN Food Storage and StackSmart Storage.

The reason for this "stop sell" order is the fact these containers contain an unregistered pesticide called Nano Silver. Among the national retailers who sell these containers are Wal-Mart, Amazon, Sears and, K-Mart.

Now as any person with an ounce of logic knows, when a product is deemed "green," (as in Kinetic Go Green Premium Food Storage Containers) that product should be totally organic. No product considered to be "green," would ever contain a pesticide and this is where product knowledge must be followed through, as the EPA is doing with this edict.

According to this story, "some pesticides have been linked to various forms of illnesses in people, ranging from skin and eye irritation to cancer. Some pesticides may also affect the hormone or endocrine systems. In many situations, there are non-chemical methods that will effectively control pests."