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Feds overwhelmed by illegal aliens and wild horses

The federal government has failed to control the nation’s borders and to enforce existing immigration laws resulting in millions of illegal aliens being present in the United States. The same federal government has also failed to control the number of wild horses on the millions of acres that it manages in the West.

Rather than enforcing the laws on the books and its own rules that pertain to wild horses, just like immigration authorities, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) ignores them and turns a blind eye to violations of federal law and policy. This has resulted in four times as many wild horses (1,200 vice 300) being on a section of range land in Southern Utah as there are supposed to be.

Rather than protecting rural Americans’ livelihoods and their traditional way of life, the BLM grants wild horses greater protection than it does American citizens who have derived their livelihood from the range land for well over a century.

And as is the case with illegal immigration, when faced with the federal government’s refusal to properly manage wild horses, local government officials representing American citizens harmed by federal inaction are forced to try to protect their constituents by going head-to-head with federal authorities.

Thus, as reported by the Salt Lake Tribune:

Iron County [Utah] commissioners have given the Bureau of Land Management an ultimatum: Come up with an immediate plan to remove hundreds of wild horses from the area or residents will it do it themselves.

As drought damages rangelands in southwestern Utah, the overpopulation of wild horses is threatening livestock and wildlife, said Commissioner David Miller. In response, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) wants to reduce the number of cattle allowed or "allotted" in grazing leases, Miller said.

"Inaction and no-management practices pose an imminent threat to ranchers who are being pushed to reduce their allotments by 50 percent thereby damaging the value of their private rights," reads a March 30 letter signed by Miller and Iron County Sheriff Mark Gower.

"We will take whatever action we have to take to reduce those numbers immediately," Miller said Thursday. "We expect the BLM to take that action. If they refuse we cannot wait until the range is destroyed."

Miller said the BLM has responded to the county’s concerns with the explanation that there isn’t enough money in its budget to get the herds to the appropriate level.

The commission counters that argument by pointing to the BLM’s spending in its fight with a rancher just across the border in Nevada. According to the March 30 letter, the agency is preparing to round up cattle it wants removed from BLM land.

"The decision of the BLM to allocate funding approaching or surpassing $2 million dollars to gather private cattle owned in Clark County Nevada while the agency refuses to respond to the requests by Iron County to abide by its own laws and policies is unacceptable," the letter said.

Wild horses.

Illegal aliens.

Federal inaction.

Failure to protect American citizens.

This pattern of federal government mismanagement has resulted in Americans' trust and confidence in the federal government's ability to handle domestic problems falling to historically low levels.

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