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Federated pays high dividend yield

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Federated Investors Inc. pays high dividend yield for 2012. On Friday, Federated Investors filed their current report with the SEC reporting paying dividends for 2012 of $2.47, and the average closing price per share for the year was 20.47 (Google Finance). Although the dividend yield is determined by the price paid for the stock, the dividend yield using the average yearly closing price and yearly dividends paid is 12%. In the last three years, Federated Investors paid their lowest dividends last year as they paid $2.47 in 2012, $0.96 in 2011 and $2.22 in 2010. In the fourth quarter, federated investors issue a regular dividend and a special dividend to stock holders.

Another important indicator to look at when investing is the earnings per share (EPS). The EPS were the lowest last year in comparison to the last three years as EPS was 1.73 (2010), 1.45 (2011) and 1.79 (2012). EPS is an important measure as it measures the profitability of a company to each outstanding share of common stock. Weighted average shares outstanding were 100,374 compared to 100,264 from last year. The dividend yield measures the return on investment through the cash flow of each dollar, and the earnings per share is the key component in the price to earnings ratio. The stock price fluctuations can be negatively or positively impacted in forecasting these variables.

Federated Investors promoted a greater than 35 percent increase in assets on the equity side, and highlighted their “income-oriented investment strategies” and computing EPS has changed to a two-class method in last week’s press release.

Market Reaction
Federated Investors (NYSE:FII) had the highest opening today at 23.19, and the highest closing price yesterday at 23.18 yesterday for the month.

What do they do?
Federated Investors is a domestic and international investment management and financial services company headquartered in Pittsburgh. It is traded in the investment services industry of the financial sector.