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Federal service contractors get fair min wage

Workers serving food to military servicemen and servicewomen, and, concessions workers on federal grounds, in San Diego, no longer will earn the low wages President Obama said, during a speech on a new Executive Order, were held low during years there was no increase in the minimum wages for federal service contract workers. The executive order Obama signed on Wednesday, February 12th, ends the period there has been no minimum wage increase, stepping up the wage, to add up to 10 dollars an hour on January 1st, 2015.

The raise for federal paid workers lasts for good in San Diego. Starting on January 1st in 2016, the U.S. Labor Secretary will announce a minium wage increased to stay even with inflation. Each year's increase will be calculated using the federal CPI for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers. And rounded to the nearest 5 cents.

Status quo earnings since the federal minimum wage for all workers was last raised in 1997 have not been enough to satisfy a Democratic White House. Real dollars workers earn in return for their work have declined by one-third over the decades, the President rmarked after signing the EO. The real earnings peaked in 1968, when the minimum wage was just a dollar plus two quarters and nickels. And, the White House reports, the wage amounts to close to one-thrid the average worker's wage, not the above half minimum wage workers earned in 1968.

Tipped workers had to settle for lower value earnings than regular workers. Their total take home pay lost real value faster. Changing the tip minium to 70 percent the minimum wage, with the requirement total pay, wages and tips, equals the minimum wage, has been in the President's plans. Obama put the change in tipped worker earnings in his order on the pay federal service workers earn.

A 10 dollar an hour minimum wage would take San Diegans out of poverty. A main goal of the White House that told the public tax credits, like EITC, and benefits, like SNAP, hold 13 percent of Americans out of poverty, and, kept the federal poverty count down to 16 percent. But, even with the tax credits, minimum wage workers, today, do not earn enough to stay above the federal poverty line. Ten dollars an hour would raise two million Americans out of poverty.

The progressive move the President asked Congress to take for all Amerricans this year, one that would benefit largely households earning less than 35,000 dollars a year, and middle class fmailes the spouse works a part-time minimum wage job, and benefit women more than men, has been counted on in San Diego among Democrats. Last year, Representtives Juan Vargas (D-San Diego) and Susan Davis (D-San Diego) joined the House minimum wage leader, George Miller (D-Sacramento), on proposing a bill to increase the federal minimum wage for all workers to 10 dollars an hour, and, index the wage to inflation.

Barack Obama invited Americans to ask their local congressperson how they stand on the dollar wage. And, if they support it, tell them, "good job."

The President does not approve of the period there has been no raise to stop real wages from lowering. Telling Americans, the typical minimum wage worker paid under a federal service contract lost 200 dollars in pay last year. One more year there was no raise.

San Diegans living below the poverty line have both Vargs' and Davis' support. Both stand behind George Miller making another minimum wage proposal the COngress can pass. His bills stay popular in the western state, California, that already raised its minimum wage to 10 dollars an hour in 2013.

The White House plans to undo the effects on worker productivity and employee morale it claims were expereinced in cities and towns across America during the no raise years. The President has plans to rally employers behind plans to increase productivity and morale using a wage increase. CostCo's president backs the guarantee on getting paid full wages in return for good work.

The City of San Diego already went to work on a new deal on city minimum wages. The kind of deal Obama has asked spread across the cities in America.

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