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Federal Legislative Action Alert

SHRM Member Advocacy Makes a Difference
SHRM Member Advocacy Makes a Difference

H.R. 4855 Work-Life Balance Award Act

Your assistance is needed to urge your member of Congress to support this Act as it makes its way to the House floor tomorrow June 15 2010.  

This bill introduced by Representative Lynn Woolsey (D-CA), Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Workforce Protections would create a work-life balance award within the DOL.  This award would recognize employers who developed and implemented innovative policies that allow their employees to achieve a work-life balance.  An advisory board of nine members will determine the selected recipients of the award.

SHRM (the Society of Human Resources Management) supports this bill as they believe it will focus on those employers who are getting it right for employees.  The Act sheds light on the importance of work-life issues of employees and rewards those organizations who have developed solid flexible workplaces. 

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