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Federal judge says Oklahoma's same sex marriage ban is unconstitutional

Gay pride
Gay pride
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

A federal judge has decided to strike down the Oklahoma same sex marriage ban. On Jan. 14, USA Today reported that the judge says this law is unconstitutional. A similar decision was made in Utah not long ago.

This doesn't mean that same sex marriages will be happening in Oklahoma tomorrow, but simply that they are one step closer to getting it approved. This issue is not totally decided yet and of course an appeal could happen. Over 900 couples were able to get married in Utah before they realized that they should have waited and so now Oklahoma will have to wait on a final decision.

Couples are hoping to have the right to marry in Oklahoma, but if they can't have that they at least want a marriage that is performed somewhere else to be recognized in their state when they are back home. This makes thing easier for couples that live together, share property, and want to be the one to make big medical decisions if it is ever needed.

Do you think that same sex marriage should be allowed in Oklahoma? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.