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Federal Judge says defendants not allowed to tell the truth

Justice is dead, like most people who have had statues made of them.
Justice is dead, like most people who have had statues made of them.
By [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

In a blatantly unconstitutional ruling, U.S. District Judge Fred Van Sickle of the Eastern District of Washington on rejected the planned medical marijuana defense of a family accused of growing marijuana in Washington State. Larry Harvey, 70, his wife Rhonda Firestack-Harvey, 55, and three others face trial next week, but Judge Van Sickle is saying they can not argue that growing marijuana was for medical purposes and legal under Washington state law.

They are prohibited from telling the truth in an outrageous display of how broken our "justice"system truly is.

This is America! They are supposed to be permitted to give whatever defense they feel will work and the jury is supposed to decide what they really think is right based on hearing both sides.

The biased federal judge is only making such a ludicrous ruling because he is afraid of jury nullification. He will no doubt lie to the jury, telling them that regardless of how they feel about the subject they must decide purely based on the law and whether or not it was broken. That's just not true.

If a jury thinks that the facts do point to the defendant violating the law, but doesn't agree that the law is right, the jury can decide the defendant is not guilty. This is how society purges old laws when authoritarian lawmakers/enforcers are reluctant to give up their power.

This is perfectly legal, perfectly acceptable, and a normal part of the rule of law throughout history, but the judge will lie and give the jurors very strict instructions which violate the entire foundation of our country.

As a juror, you can vote however you want to, for whatever reason you want. That is the only instruction you need as a juror.

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