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Federal investigation into beef recall reveals illicit love affair

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An ongoing federal investigation into the recall of nearly 9 million pounds of contaminated beef products including carcasses, veal bones, liver, tongue, tripe, cheeks and oxtails shipped to stores in 35 states this past January has found that Rancho Feeding Corporation of Petaluma, CA deliberately processed the meat of cows known to have been afflicted with eye cancer (epithelioma). In addition new evidence shows that they may have used an illicit affair between one of the USDA inspectors and the plant foreman to help cover up the deceit by making sure the slaughter of the sick animals was done when no USDA inspectors were on site to oversee it.

In fact, documents recovered from Rancho revealed that employees were instructed to hide any signs of cancer in the meat by cutting away diseased portions and even substituting the head of the sick cows with those from healthy animals as well as stamping the meat with counterfeit USDA approval stamps to make sure the meat went through the plant without problems.

Proof of the affair between the plant foreman and inspector Lynne Thompson also came to light in recovered e-mails and text messages between the two, as well as by admission by the foreman that the two had been intimate in her trailer on at least three occasions despite USDA policy which forbids inspectors “to work at a company where someone with whom they are involved with is employed.