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Federal indictment of FnD gang members

Eastern District of Louisiana, U.S. Attorney Kenneth Allen Polite, Jr., announced yesterday the unsealing of a superseding indictment charging several members of the FnD or Frenchmen/Derbigny gang with violating federal drug and firearm laws.

Jackson Square in New Orleans
Jon Sullivan_Public Domain_Wikimedia

According to the indictment, the gang conspired to violate federal drug laws and named several member that conspired to use and possessed firearms to further their drug deals between 2006 and 2013.

Those named for the possession and use of firearms are:

  • Travis Scott, a/k/a “Trap” or “Slim,” age 29;
  • Stanley Scott, a/k/a “Stizzle,” age 22, in state custody;
  • Shawn Scott, a/k/a “Shizzle,” age 25, in state custody;
  • Akein Scott, a/k/a “Keemy,” age 20, in state custody;
  • Jeremiah Jackson, a/k/a “Rocky,” age 23;
  • Gralen Benson, a/k/a “Dooley,” age 26;
  • Richmond Smith, a/k/a “Ace,” age 25, still at large.

Also named as gang members and for helping with dealing drugs are:

  • Brian Benson, a/k/a “Dub” or “Dubba,” age 24;
  • Crystal Scott, a/k/a “Chris,” age 32, still at large.

The superseding indictment includes allegations that Akein and Shawn Scott, discharged firearms into a Mother’s Day second-line parade on May 12, 2013, in furtherance of that drug conspiracy.

Since some of the gang members named also have state charge against them, the federal indictment will be adopting the firearms and drug charges that are currently pending in state court to avoid a duplication of resources.

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