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Federal Government Chooses to Hurt Americans, Especially Military, in Sequester

The sequester that has been talked about over the past couple weeks is now in effect. However, it is not really as big of a deal as originally discussed. There have been some cuts, and there are definitely some individuals and groups effected, but not nearly as much we had been warned by our government. But the federal government, completely by choice, it seems, has made sure to follow through with making it hurt Americans.

Students who have planned to go visit the White House with their schools have been told they can't because the White House has chosen to close its doors to the public. The military has had to suspend tuition assistance to any new recruits. While all this happens, friends and people with connections inside the federal government get to visit the White House. Foreign countries are still getting their money we send. The Obamas get to have a huge party that will include a performance by Adele, which will reportedly be paid by the Obamas. I have no issue with the Obamas spending their own money, that's fine. However, it just needs to be pointed out that there is no concern for the American people and what they are going through. That's why Mr. Obama has spent so much time golfing, even with Tiger Woods and other friends, on a trip that was for some reason, closed to any media. Oh yeah, and the people who are responsible for the sequester, as well as those who are supposed to do the job to resolve it and get things done, are still getting paid. Some people are unavoidably hurt by the sequester, some are chosen by our leaders to be impacted, but Mr. Obama, Congress, and all their assistants/staff are getting paid the same amount. That amount includes the raise approved late at night by Mr. Obama.

The problem here is that the administration didn't want to look like they were overly dramatic regarding the sequester, so they chose to hurt certain people. Nothing is getting done, and the only people who get hurt by it are not the people who haven't done their job, but the people who they are supposed to be working for. This is a serious problem that is not being addressed, and very few people seem to care. Maybe we can expect some improvement after Mr. Obama takes a break between rounds of golf and Congress has enjoyed the extra money they were recently given.


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