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Federal economic stimulus for puppets


The federal stimulus package was designed to create jobs. Yet the Heart of the Beast Theatre applied for and received a grant in the amount of $25,000 dollars to save one job within the company; that of the director. According to the theatre saving the directors job is important. Yet Phil Krinkie of the Taxpayer League of MN disagrees. 

Krinkies point is that one person benefited with a small potential of the theatre having a small draw for the audience. With the stimulus package supposidly to be getting to those who have already been on unemployment, vets looking for work, and small businesses hiring more employees to get the economy moving: it is an unfortunate but hard reality to say that saving a job of this insignificance truly had little to do with helping the economy grow. The $25,000 dollars spent on saving a directors job was a boondoggle that did nothing to bring benefit to society at large and had no true impact on unemployment in Minnesota.

The stimulus in all essence on a grander scale is wasteful because no real jobs are being created as a whole.How terribly wrong for this to have happened. It isn't the first time, and it unfortunately it will not be the last; so long as 'free' monies are available without a standard in place to stop those like the theatre from abusing the true and legitimate use of the stimulus. 




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