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Federal debt hits $13 trillion

The debt incurred by our elected ones in Washington, D.C. has now soared to $13 trillion.  That's 13, followed by 12 zeroes.  Dividing $13 trillion by 300 million men, women and children, leaves us with a figure of $48,333.33 each.  Insane?  Oh yeah.

I was listening to finance talk-show host Dave Ramsey yesterday.  Mr Ramsey was discussing the federal debt, and he was optimistic that Americans will throw out the rascals responsible for this fiasco.   He may be correct in that assertion, but from what I've observed from those running to replace the incumbents, there's no concrete evidence things will actually change much.  Go to the websites of those running against incumbents in November.  Under 'issues', you will read that Joe Blow is against runaway federal spending.  Look for specific areas in which Joe Blow proposes spending cuts.  I doubt seriously you will find any.

Until Americans demand across the board  spending cuts, and yes, that includes military spending, we will proceed ever more rapidly toward the economic abyss.  The welfare state needs a chainsaw taken to it.  The warfare state needs a chainsaw taken to it.  Is there a legitimate reason we need troops in 130 countries around the globe?  Is there a legitimate reason we need over 700 military bases around the globe?  Absolutely not.  When Uncle Sam stops being the policeman of the world, incidents of terrorism will be dramatically reduced.   Furthermore, being the policeman of the world is costing American taxpayers roughly a trillion dollars a year.  America needs to withdraw troops now from Iraq and Afghanistan.  The Iraq invasion was based on false information.    The Taliban in Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11. Russia fought a no-win war in Afghanistan, and it bankrupted their government.  Staying in Afghanistan will go a long way in bankrupting America.   Support the troops?  Demand that they be brought home to defend America

Unless your congressman or senator's name is Ron Paul, he likely needs to be fired, come November.  However, be sure you inform the person you pull the lever for that you demand across the board spending cuts.  Deep spending cuts, with no increase in income taxes.  If that person agrees with you, and then does not deliver, fire him at the next election.  Time is running short, and the status quo simply will not work any more


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