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Federal contractors face June 21 deadline for posting union organizing notices

The President's Executive Order is designed to promote union organizing
The President's Executive Order is designed to promote union organizing
AP Photo: Manuel Barce Ceneta

Early this year, President Obama issued an Executive Order requiring employers with federal contracts to post notices at their facilities advertizing union organizing rights. The notice, which must be posted by June 21, is titled “Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act.” It lists employees’ rights to engage in activities in support of a union and proceeds to describe illegal conduct by employers, such as threatening or interrogating employees concerning their union activities. The notice also contains descriptions of illegal conduct by unions, such as threatening job loss for failure to support the union.

The posting requirement applies to employers who directly contract with the federal government, as well as their subcontractors (where the value of the contract with the primary contractor exceeds ($10,000). Contractors are required to take steps to insure that its subcontractors are in compliance.

The notice must be posted in “conspicuous places” where employees are likely to see it, which will usually be in the same location as their other required state and federal employee notices. If the employer has a significant number of foreign language speakers, a translated copy of the notice must also be posted.