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Federal commission blocks proof of citizenship requirement for voting

Consider this: Two states, Arizona and Kansas, wanted to require that voters prove they are citizens of the United States before voting in federal elections in those states. So they asked a little-known federal commission, which is no doubt now filled with appointees from the Obama Regime, which under the president and his corrupt Attorney General Eric Holder have opposed voter ID laws designed to help eliminate voter fraud, to rule on allowing them to require proof of citizens from voters. Sounds like a perfectly good common sense measure, right? Not under this regime. This would be the Regime that won two elections largely on voter fraud, and they represent the party that can only win major elections by engaging in massive voter fraud. But for now we'll let that go.

The Obama Regime opposes requiring citizens to show proof of citizenship to vote

The U.S. Elections Assistance Commission ruled a few days ago that Arizona and Kansas may not require voters to show proof of citizenship in order to vote. Imagine that, a federal commission under the Obama Regime, who proved they are the finest at voter fraud and suppressing the vote on the other side in the 2012 election (IRS gate folks, remember that?), ruled that voters don't have to prove they are citizens to vote. Maybe these means all the illegal aliens they want to give amnesty to, can already vote, so they can make sure they will vote for the candidates (mostly Democrats, and a few RINOs) who will grant them amnesty. Isn't that convenient?

This proves yet again, elections do have consequences. It's also the reason why the far left right now it doing all it can to win them, even if they don't legitimately have the votes, the notion of “democracy” has never stopped the left from being willing to engage in wide-scale voter fraud and suppression of voting on the right if they think that's what is needed for them to win. But this should outrage the silent majority of conservative citizens, who should be voting in such high turnout percentages that the left should never again win a presidential election. Let's see if the Tea Party movement can make it happen in 2014 and 2016, and help organize the kind of voter turnout needed to finally repudiate the far left and show that Americans are going to stand up and take our country back from the progressives and their far left regressive America-destroying agenda.

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