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Federal bike funding preserved... for now

League of American Bicyclists
League of American Bicyclists
League of American Bicyclists

The League of American Bicyclists and People For Bikes are both thanking their supporters today for the work they did in ensuring that federal funding remained in place for bike-relatead improvements nationwide.

As reported two days ago, Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) was looking to cut bike-related improvements and other transportation work by ending the funding for the Transportation Enhancements program. Also up for removal were the Safe Routes to School and Recreational Trails programs.

But a concerted effort by the League, People for Bikes, and many other envioronmental and Complete Streets advocates sent over 50,000 emails and made thousands of phone calls to their senators asking them to keep the funding in place.

The funding will remain in place till March 31, 2012, when the measure will again be up for discussion. The funding remained in place by a Senate vote of 92-6.

The League in particular pointed out that cyclists will need to be just as vocal, if not more so, for the next fight, coming in six months or so.