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Federal Appeals Court rules North Carolina "Choose Life" Plates Unconstitutional

North Carolina "Choose Life" plates ruled unconstitutional
North Carolina "Choose Life" plates ruled unconstitutional

Unless a Pro-Abortion plate is also offered by North Carolina, a Federal Appeals Court in Richmond today (February 11) ruled that Choose Life license plates are unconstitutional.

According to the Richmond Times Dispatch, The judges held that, “In this case, North Carolina seeks to do just that: privilege speech on one side of the hotly debated issue – reproductive choice – while silencing opposing voices.” Such an action, “Constitutes blatant viewpoint discrimination.”

The Choose Life plates were approved by the North Carolina General Assembly in 2011. Similar plates for pro-abortion casues were rejected. Twenty-nine states currently offer "Choose Life" license plates.

Bobbie Meyer, director of the Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship said, “The choose life license plate has already raised over 12 million dollars in the states that allow them thereby helping mothers and their families. Here in North Carolina, there are 85 pregnancy care centers who last year saw over 46,000 women and children.” []