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Feds recognizes gay marriages of Utah and gay victims of Holocaust honored

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Interesting past week in the cause of gay rights. Some good steps and some bad steps. But as someone once said, progress is often two steps forward, with one step back. Now for some good news.

The U.S. government is going to recognize the same sex marriages (which are of course just marriages) performed in Utah, even though a federal appeals court put on hold a lower federal court ruling ending bans on same sex marriages.

Now, if this was a President Romney versus a President Obama, would the federal government being doing this? If you said yes, is there not only a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you but a large statute in NYC Harbor?

Now for the really bad news. Sigh, the Nigerian government has passed a law banning meetings by gays or gay rights associations or even clubs where everyone goes after for a beer.

This is like Russia's ban on gay activism, but even worse. Now, no big surprise, Nigeria is a very religious nation. The Christians and Muslims of Nigeria don't like each other, but they really don't like gay men.

Finally, gays were killed during the Holocaust when the Nazis controlled Germany. No, not to the same degree as Jewish people, but thousands died in the persecution by the Nazis. What is saddening is that those opposed to gay rights now blame gays themselves for the Holocaust, even though they were one of the targeted groups.

The Israeli government though has built a monument in Tel Aviv, the largest city of the nation, to those gays and lesbians killed for their sexual orientation. It consists of a serious of triangles. The pink triangle was the symbol that the Nazis forced on gays and lesbians. Now, like the rainbow flag, it is a proud symbol of the gay rights movement.

Now, while it is great that anti-Semitism has for large point disappeared among Christianity (most Germans of that time were Christians of course) not so much with anti-homosexuality. Of course, that will change in time as is already happening now.

Lastly, if you want to support gay rights, please support the Human Rights Campaign, Lamba Legal or a host of gay rights groups. Also the American Civil Liberties Union does great work on this issue, among others.