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February's Business Tips for the Professional and Small Business Owner

As a small business owner, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with all the important information that impacts your business as well as your personal life. This month's newsletter offers information to help you stay informed and current in your marketing efforts, as well as the legal and financial issues which may impact your business, and various technology and operational tools and tips for the small business owner.

For the full newsletter, click here. Or read the article links below. Let me know which articles are most helpful to you in your business.

Marketing Tips:

5 ways to tell if your content marketing is working

6 ways your customers/clients can help generate content for your website

5 location based marketing tools for small businesses

Facebook sponsored ads are going away after recent litigation

How to attract the right kind of twitter audience

12 strategies to effectively promote your You Tube Videos

2014 wordpress website trends

How often should you update your blog?

Legal, Financial, and Accounting News and Tips:

8 things you should know about an IRS audit

PayPal increases lending to small businesses

4 states now ban employers from asking about criminal history on job application

4 benefits of having a lawyer advise you in your small business

Fracking is causing water pollution in four states

Loan Monitor accused of ruthless tactics trying to collect student loan debt

Despite Congress deciding not to raise minimum wage, 13 States are doing so

IRS trims standard mileage rate for 2014

Solo Practice and Small Business Tips:

How to engage your customer w/transactional emails like shipping
confirmations/billing invoices

7 productivity tips and tools

What America's workforce will look like in 2014

5 Android Accounting Apps for Small Business

How to know when your customer isn't likely to pay you

7 ways to keep customers coming back to your small business

Master your craft and find your passion if you want to find success

Keeping data secure in a mobile world

Legal docs that help startups launch

Setting priorities w/new sales initiatives

How to sell a service

Be selective about who you connect with on LinkedIn

Tips for recovering your lost/deleted files

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