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February's astrological landscape

Jean Wiley

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The Saturn square Pluto configuration is exact again this Monday (the first time was mid-November). It shows tension and breaking through or out of limiting circumstances/situations/mindsets. Tension isn't always comfortable but can be a great mobilizer. So, be like a reed and flow with the changes, digging in with a rigid stance is not your best bet. This life is not meant to be static.

Mars is still retrograding in Leo so if you're feeling a little sluggish or low on life giving's ok! The men in your life may be a little hard to pin down too. The first week of February also hosts a beautiful Jupiter sextile Pluto which equates to "power in faith." Idealism isn't a bad thing either.

The New Moon is in Aquarius on the 15th. Aquarius is about the group mind, technology, innovative thinking and brotherly love. The Full Moon is in Virgo on the 28th. Virgo appreciates cleanliness, good health regimes and analytical thought.

ARIES - Your ruling planet Mars is still doing the backslide through mid-March so cool your heels. Things really start moving this spring. Rest up for all of the activity coming your way in the spring and summer. There is a lot of pleasant action in your house of friendships and future goals this month...enjoy the exchanges. The new moon gives even extra energy to the aforementioned statement. The full moon finds you focusing on either health, pets or day to day habits (getting those little tasks done).

TAURUS - Your ruling planet is in Aquarius the first half of the month pleasantly influencing your 10th house of career and reputation which should also receive a boost with the new moon mid-month. The Saturn/Pluto square may be affecting your health and travel sectors so "bend" with it and go see your doctor. Be mindful of your house pets too. Venus then slips into your 11th house of friendship for the remainder of the month. The full moon is great for creative get-togethers and amore!

GEMINI - Your 9th house is lite up favoring travel, philosophy, publishing and intellectual endeavors. The Saturn/Pluto square is affecting the areas of shared resources, taxes and loans and your house of pleasure, love and recreation. Now isn't the time for leisurely spending. The new moon affects your travel and learning area. The full moon focuses on the home and parents.

CANCER - Is relationship and home life an area of tension for you? Well, this too shall pass but not without some internal changes on your part. Partners can be inflexible right now, so focus on your inner landscape rather than trying to control things "out there." Mars is still retrograding in your second house helping you to "hold on to your money." It's a good month to ask for a loan and review savings accounts - the new moon and Venus are there to help you out. The full moon centers around communications, neighbors and siblings.

LEO - The focus shifts to "others" in your life which is appropriate. Lions have been pretty focused on self in recent weeks and it's time for the pendulum to swing out to even the balance. It's time for you to rest'll be roaring again come mid-March. The new moon shows energy within partnerships. The full moon focuses on earned income and all that you value.

VIRGO - Mercury has spent a long time in your children, recreation and creativity zone...he will be switching into Aquarius mid-month and focusing on your work life and health. Mars is still asking you to take some down time and review your past in order to integrate any feelings of failure or anxiety that you've been feeling the past couple of months. Now is NOT the time to come on strong with YOUR wishes - that will come in the summer months. The new moon gives new energy to your work and health. The full moon in your sign may indicate the need for some extra rest.

LIBRA - You are happy to be at home reading, talking on the phone with family members and cruising the internet. Well, with a build-up of energy in love, creativity and self-expression you are being stirred to roam outside the domicile once again. Venus moves into your work zone where Jupiter is now living and you may find collegues and your work environment to be a very pleasant experience indeed! The new moon is about fun and self-expression. The full moon falls in your 12th house of rest and privacy.

SCORPIO - Your ruling planet Pluto is once again at odds with Saturn. You are a sign that can be patient, presevering and a survivor....tensions in your 3rd house of siblings and neighbors may activate some deep seated feelings in your subconscious. Explore where the discomfort originates. Your home is blessed this month and is your respite. The full moon falls in your house of friendships - nice!

SAGITTARIUS - Ruling planet Jupiter teams up with Pluto in an empowering way this month from your home to your pocketbook! Frienships and $$ may be a little touchy with the Pluto/Saturn square....hopes will have to wait on that front. Venus slips into your 4th house mid-month along with Jupiter - your home is your castle! The new moon shows more short trips and communications coming your way. The full moon has you focused on career.

CAPRICORN - You are getting stronger every day Cappie. This Pluto/Saturn square is seperating the men from the boys and you are up for the challenge. You will come of this period more focused and less distracted. Your career will reach new heights over the next few years. The new moon focuses on your earnings and new ways to do it! Venus and Jupiter are blessing the power of your speech. The full moon may see you traveling and/or teaching.

AQUARIUS - HAPPY BIRTHDAY WATER BEARER! Wow what an interesting year....and you LOVE "interesting." This is a happy month for you (partnership aside....wait till the Spring for things to start picking up momentum). Pluto is asking you to rid yourself of self-defeating behavior and old family history. Saturn will week out the fair weather friends from the tried and true! You may youself befriending older and wiser individuals who can help you navigate life's rapids. With Jupiter located in your 2nd house of earnings all year you should feel an upswing in available cash. This summer Uranus will leave your 2nd house (where it has been making waves for years) and move into your communication, local environment, siblings and neighbor area for the next 7 years! Expect interesting "happenings" here.

PISCES - Are you feeling a little bit better and hopeful with Jupiter now in your sign? Hope so. It's shaking hands with Pluto in the first week helping you to benefit from powerful and committed friendships. Venus also gets in the party mid-month and you appear extra appealing to one and all (a good time to ask for favors...people will be happy to respond). The new moon is in your house of secrets and behind the scenes activities. The full moon falls in your house of travel and life philosophy - enjoy!



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