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February is Women in Horror Month: 93 Horror authors you need to read right now

Women in Horror Month has been celebrated in February for the past 5 years. Part of the mission statement of the organization is to ensure that "Women in Horror Month is all about expanding opportunities for contemporary female genre filmmakers and artists by raising awareness about the changing roles for women in the film industry."

The month of February is recognized as the Women in Horror Month
WiHM 2014

But Women in Horror Month (WiHM) is bigger than just movies, directors, and screenplays. The cause celebrates all women who have ties to the horror industry, including authors.

In early February 2014 on Facebook, several male and female horror authors were posting open calls on their Facebook walls for people to come and leave the names of all of the women authors who have made a difference in the world of Horror writing. In reading several of these lengthy posts, it became obvious that many names were being repeated over and over again. There are so many women, both old and new in the genre, who are admired and revere.

In compiling this list, I focused on two criteria: I wanted to celebrate women who weren't too famous, while still making sure to keep the door open for authors who have been around for over 100 years as well as authors who may have only been around for a few months. The purpose of this list is to broaden horizons and encourage readers to explore new reading material within the Horror genre.

In order to minimize complications, I focused on Amazon's Author Profile Pages as my primary source for information. The Amazon Author Profile Pages are excellent because they provide updated comprehensive information on the author as a 'whole' person. There are biographies, photographs, links to their current websites, blogs, and twitter feeds, as well as an up-to-the-minute listing of all published works. Whenever an Amazon Author Profile Page was not available, I went to Goodreads. Occasionally, if an author was especially new, associated with a specific publication, or private, I used professional websites.

To see extensive information on each author, just click on the link.

I have also provided the name of a famous or noteworthy novel associated with each author to help readers narrow down which authors they might want to explore further.

I encourage people to use this list as a starting point. When I was young and impressionable, I remember reading a Top Ten List of the Most Important Female Music Artist's Albums of all time, and feeling grateful for the knowledge so that I could finally go into a record store and order copies of every single album on that list. I felt empowered, as if I had been given a gift to finally understand who the 'cool' women were in music. In my early 20's, without this list, I may never have been exposed to such amazing Sirens as Patti Smith and Stevie Nicks. I created this list for the same reason - here they are. The coolest women authors publishing today.

Without further ado, here is an alphabetical listing of a whole bunch of amazing women authors. Please explore, advocate, and share.

1. Linda D. Addison -- How To Recognize A Demon Has Become Your Friend

2. Camille Alexa -- Push of the Sky

3. Cassie Alexander -- The Edie Spence urban fantasy series

4. Maria Alexander -- Mr. Wicker

5. Colleen Anderson -- Embers Amongst the Fallen: Speculations

6. Nancy Baker -- Kiss of the Vampire

7. Elizabeth Bear - Shoggoths in Bloom

8. Elaine Bergstrom -- The Austra Vampire Family Series

9. Allyson Bird -- Isis Unbound

10. Elizabeth Black -- Mirages: Tales from Authors of the Macabre

11. Chantal Boudreau -- the Snowy Barrens Trilogy

12. Patricia Briggs -- the Mercy Thompson series

13. Sunni Brock -- co-owner of Cycatrix Press and JaSunni Productions

14. Amy Lee Burgess -- Blood Gift (The Circle)

15. Pat Cadigan -- "The Girl Who Went Out for Sushi" short story in The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirtieth Annual Edition

16. Christine Campbell Thompson -- the Not at Night series

17. Karen Chance -- the Cassandra Palmer and Dorina Basarab urban fantasy series

18. Autumn Christian -- We Are Wormwood

19. Nancy Collins -- the Sonja Blue Series

20. Carolyn Cooney -- The Face on the Milk Carton

21. Raven Dane -- the Legacy of the Dark Kind Series

22. Kate Danley -- The Woodcutter

18. Nina D’Arcangela -- Siren Call Publications

19. Ellen Datlow -- Editor of the annual The Best Horror of the Year anthology series

20. Joan De la Haye -- Requiem in E Sharp

21. Arinn Dembo -- The Deacon's Tale: A Sword of the Stars Novel

22. Danielle DeVor -- Sorrow's Point

23. Allison M. Dickson -- Strings

23. Nerine Dorman -- Inkarna

24. Amal El-Mohtar -- co-editor of fantastical poetry e-zine Goblin Fruit

25. Elizabeth Engstrom -- When Darkness Loves Us

26. Nancy Etchemendy -- The Power of Un

27. Natasha Ewendt -- This Freshest Hell

28. Gabrielle Faust -- the Eternal Vigilance vampire series

29. Gemma Files -- the Hexslinger series

30. Dana Fredsti -- Plague Town: An Ashley Parker Novel

31. Fran Friel -- Mama's Boy and Other Dark Tales

32. Carole Gill -- the Blackstone Vampires series

33. Sephera Giron -- Captured Souls

34. Theodora Goss -- In the Forest of Forgetting

35. Mira Grant -- the Newsflesh zombie trilogy

36. Rain Graves -- The Haunted Mansion Project - Years One and Two

37. Paula Guran -- Editor of the ongoing Year's Best of Fantasy and Horror series

38. Laurell K. Hamilton -- the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Novels

39. Angeline Hawkes -- The Commandments

40. Maddie Holliday Von Stark -- The Wicked Library Podcast featuring the newest in horror authors

41. Jemiah Jefferson -- the Voice of Blood series

42. Tina L. Jens -- The Blues Ain't Nothin': Tales of the Lonesome Blues Pub

43. Kate Jonez -- Candy House

44. Jeanne Kalogridis -- the Diaries of the Family Dracul series

45. Caitlin R. Kiernan -- The Drowning Girl

46. Nancy Kilpatrick -- editor of the Evolve: Vampire Stories of the New Undead series

47. Kathe Koja -- Skin

48. K.A. Laity -- editor of Noir Carnival

49. Leigh M. Lane -- Finding Poe

50. Deborah LeBlanc -- The Wolven

51. Tanith Lee -- The Blood Opera Sequence

52. Lori R. Lopez -- Chocolate Covered Eyes: A Sampler of Horror

53. Suzi M. -- The Immortal War Series

54. Lisa Mannetti -- The Gentling Box

55. Helen Marshall -- Hair Side, Flesh Side

56. Rena Mason -- The Evolutionist

57. Elizabeth Massie -- AFRAID - Tidbits of the Macabre

58. Araminta Star Matthews -- Blind Hunger

59. Tracie McBride -- Ghosts Can Bleed

60. Seanan McGuire -- same person as Mira Grant -- the October Daye series

61. Jessica McHugh -- Rabbits in the Garden

62. Suzy McKee-Charnas -- The Vampire Tapestry

63. Lori Michelle -- Editor of the Dark Moon Digest Horror Quarterly and Dark Eclipse: The Dark Moon Digest monthly e-magazine

64. S.P. Miskowski -- The Skillute Cycle

65. Silvia Moreno-Garcia -- co-editor of Fungi

66. Lisa Morton -- The Samhanach

67. Billie Sue Mosiman -- Wireman

68. Yvonne Navarro -- Final Impact

69. Hannah Neurotica -- editor of, founder of Women in Horror Month

70. Holly Newstein Hautala -- editor of Evil Jester Digest

71. Chantal Noordeloos -- Short Story "The Door" in Fresh Fear: Contemporary Horror

72. Kelli Owen -- Grave Wax

73. Cherie Priest - Dreadful Skin

74. Ann Radcliffe -- The Mysteries of Udolpho

75. Cat Rambo -- Eyes Like Sky and Coal and Moonlight

76. Leigh Rhyne -- Zombie Days, Vampire Nights

77. Suzanne Robb -- Were-wolves, Apocalypses, and Genetic Mutation Oh my!

78. Regina Maria Roche -- Clermont

79. Carrie Ryan -- the Forest of Hands and Teeth trilogy

80. Mary SanGiovanni -- The Hollower trilogy

81. Alexandra Sokoloff -- Book of Shadows (a thriller)

82. Lucy A. Snyder -- Spellbent

83. Lucy Taylor -- Unspeakable and Other Stories

84. Melanie Tem -- Wilding

85. Tamara Thorne -- Bad Things

86. Catherynne M. Valente -- Palimpsest

87. Carrie Vaughn -- the Kitty Norville series

88. Rue Volley -- the Blood and Light Vampire Series

89. Colleen Wangland -- Reviewer for Cinema Knife Fight

90. Barbie Wilde -- The Venus Complex

91. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro -- Commedia della Morte: A Novel of the Count Saint- Germain

92. Mercedes M. Yardley -- Beautiful Sorrows

93. Kat Yares -- The XIII


Visit S.L. Schmitz's Amazon Author Page and follow @sl_schmitz.

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