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February 27th is National Chili Day

Nothing goes better with one of the coldest seasons than a nice bowl of chili. Chili is one of the most reinvented dishes in the food world ranging from the more traditional chucks of beef, savory beans and spicy peppers to eccentric ingredients like beer and coffee. The origin of chili is a one of history's uncharted urban legends but some food historians would agree that the first known chili recipe was recorded in the 17th century by Sister Mary of Agreda of Spain, a nun also known as La Dama de Azul (Lady in Blue) in Indian Legends, who was said to have 'out of body' experiences that would allow her spirit to visit faraway lands and she came across this recipe that consisted of antelope meat, onions, tomatoes, and Chile peppers; modern day carne con chili. During The Great Depression, because this stew was so inexpensive it became very popular feeding the masses avoiding starvation and even President Lyndon Johnson became a chili fanatic, stating chili was among his favorite dishes. Residents in Texas love this simple stew so much that they proclaimed it to be their official state food. Pick up your favorite spoon and celebrate National Chili Day with your favorite style chili!

perfect bowl of chili

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