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February 25th Live Kabuki from Washington DC

Obama's Kabucki Theater
Obama's Kabucki Theater
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Kabuki theatre is known for the stylization of its drama and for the elaborate make-up worn by some of its performers. Much in the same style as Obama, Pelosi and Reid are putting on their political back room make up to mask the fact that are planning to ‘reconcile’ the Health Care Bills and hand over a nuclear final bill including a Public Option; because that is what the 20% Liberal Progressives want. Never mind that the other 80% of Americans don’t want this plan, that’s just not important. As far as bipartisanship; it is unimportant and incidental. Barack Obama claims he is not interested in Political Theater and yet, he is the primary producer of this monumental stage act. The Republicans know it, the people know it, and the only ones who seem to claiming it is not political theater are the ones staging it.

Insurance companies are positioning themselves to increase rates by more than third of the current rates, Big Pharma has been guaranteed no rate negotiations by Barack Obama in back door sessions, and experienced Physicians are ready to throw in the towel rather than suffer the pains of dealing with the government reimbursement reductions in an industry that is fraught with overrun costs and high legal risks.

Rather than listening to Americans who want reforms on nuisance lawsuits that line the pockets of ambulance chasers, or work toward standardized state requirements to allow insurance sales across state lines; Obama, Pelosi and Reid are poised to take control over another ponzi scheme that will dwarf Social Security like an ant to an elephant.

The Republicans plan to introduce their plan that was formulated using a panel of physicians who are also lawmakers. Together the dual professionals have combined experience of more than 2000 years in the Health Care field. While the GOP has been as guilty of spending out of control that has been the signature of the Democrats, they have actually begun to listen to the American people in light of the masses that have expressed anger and frustration at the Town Hall meetings. However, none of that will matter as President Obama and the minions will not be ready to negotiate any new plans. Obama has been diligently directing his staff behind the scenes to prepare yet a third Bill proposal.

So pop the popcorn, fill up the Sugar-Free Soda glasses and get ready for the show.

Produced By Barack Obama

Directed by Harry Reid

Staged by Nancy Pelosi

It will only cost Americans 2 Trillion dollars, $6600 per person per year for the rest of our Government Directed Lives.


  • Keith 5 years ago

    That's a nicely done column ma'am.

    My name is Keith A. Wimer and I am the Wilmington Religion & Politics Examiner. I wanted to let you know about a group I started on Facebook called "Conservative Examiners Unite." I am inviting other conservative Examiners like yourself, along with anyone dedicated to the principles of true liberty to join.

    In just a few short days the membership has grown to almost 100 with relatively little promotion. There have been great discussions and very good posts there sparking interest. It is nice to have yet another outlet to advertise our columns too. And of course I don't need to tell you the importance of that.

    I do hope you will think about joining us.

    Thanks in advance.


    Keith A. Wimer

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