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February 2014 weather review for Grand Rapids

February 2014 will be remembered for the cold, snow. The high temperatures were much colder than normal. The average high was 25.14° which is 8.55° below average. The low temperatures for the month were also below average. The average low temperature was 10.29° which is 9.61° below average. The average temperature for the month, which includes both the highs and lows, was 17.71° which is 9.08° below average. As cold as it felt, it was not even one of the top ten coldest Februarys. The coldest February was in 1978 with an average temperature of only 14.3°. Only four days saw temperatures above freezing. The last day of the month Grand Rapids observes a record setting cold temperature of -12°. The last time Grand Rapids saw a temperature this cold was back on February 5, 2007, when the temperature also dipped to -12°.

February 2014 Climate Summary  * Historical weather statistics gathered from the National Weather Service's Grand Rapids forecast office data archives.
Grand Rapids Weather Examiner
February Review
Grand Rapids Weather Examiner

February was a wet month with Grand Rapids observing 2.35 inches, which was 0.56 inches above average. Measurable precipitation occurred on 18 of the 28 days.

The February snowfall in Grand Rapids was certainly persistent. At the airport, snowfall of at least a trace was recorded on 23 of the 28 days. A whopping 29 inches fell which is 14.2 inches above average. This makes February 2014 the eighth snowiest February ever recorded for Grand Rapids. Below is the list of the top ten snowiest Februarys. Notice that 5 of the top 10 were in the just last few years. Grand Rapids set two daily snowfall records for the month. The first was on the 5th with 4.8 inches and the second on the 17th with 5.6 inches.

Rank Year Amount
1 2008 41.6”
2 2011 38.2"
3 1900 35.5”
4 2007 33.6”
5 2013 33.1”
6 1994 29.6”
7 1898 29.5”
8 2014 29.0”
9 1936 27.3”
10 1960 25.6”

With the persistent snow and cold air the depth of snow sitting on the round really piled up. Snow depth in Grand Rapids climbed up to 24 inches. A new record depth for the month of February. This is the 2nd deepest snow depth all time for Grand Rapids, second only to 27 inches in January 1978, after the blizzard of 1978. Twelve daily snow depth records were set during the month.

With all the snow February was a cloudy month with only 28.8% of possible sunshine. In a typical February we see 34% so that makes last month 5.2% below average.

See the images on the top of this story for more on the February weather.

Some of the cold and snow from February may linger into March.

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