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February 2014 trivia

As always, here are this month’s trivia questions. Enjoy and good luck! Of course, remember to tune in next month.

1) What was the first reservation set aside by the US government to protect a natural resource?
a. Hot Springs, AR
b. Yosemite Grant, CA
c. Yellowstone National Park, WY
d. White Mountains, NH

2) Which layer of rocks is the youngest at the Grand Canyon?
a. Precambrian basement rocks (Vishnu schist and Zoroaster granite), the most recently exposed layer at the bottom of the canyon
b. Bright Angel shale, which makes up the greenish Tonto platform, a flat plain in the middle of the canyon resulting from the evaporation of a muddy, warm, shallow sea
c. Coconino sandstone, a layer of hardened sand dunes
d. Kaibab limestone, the topmost layer of the canyon, showing evidence of an evaporated shallow sea

3) Around what era were the cliffhouses of the Anasazi built and inhabited in the southwest?
a. Around the time that Oxford University was established in England
b. Around the same time as the construction of the Great Pyramids of Egypt
c. Around the same time as the destruction of the First Temple in Jerusalem
d. When Columbus found America

4) What is Kokopeli?
a. A traditional dish in Arizona similar to Mexican mole, made with bitter chocolate sauce and chicken
b. The god of fertility in many Native American beliefs
c. A famous rundown motel on the Route 66 in Oklahoma
d. The word for a woman’s hairstyle in Navajo ceremonies

5) What city in the United States claims to be the Horse Capital of the World?
a. Bishop, CA
b. Asheville, NC
c. Amarillo, TX
d. Lexington, KY

answers: adabd

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