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February 2014 new book releases

Much like January, February is looking a little light in regards to new reading material. Luckily, the announcement of a second Stephen King novel and four books from DarkFuse are there to help get us readers through the month.

New release books for February 2014

I am a little disappointed that I could not find a scheduled release from ChiZine publications in February but there are two releases from that publisher slated for March. DarkFuse will help fill that void with two novels and two novellas. “The House of Canted Steps” by Gary Fry is slated to an ebook only release of the author’s novel which is great news for those of us who have not had the chance to read it yet. The other novel, “The Janus Legacy” by Lisa von Biela, is a very good novel about the advances of technology and the moral issues that these advances can espouse. “The Fading Place” by Mary SanGiovanni is a very strong novella that is sure to drive chills into the hearts of parents everywhere. “Dead Five’s Pass” by Colin F. Barnes is a chilling take on Lovecraftian mythos that is sure to terrify and thrill fans of Lovecraft and horror in general.

The only book that catches my interest from the larger publishers is Robin Cook checking in with another medical thriller in “Cell.” James Patterson and Mark Sullivan check in on February 10 with “Private L.A.” Jonathan Kellerman’s 29th book staring Alex Delaware, “Killer,” is scheduled for February 11 as is “The Counterfeit Agent” by Alex Berenson which continues the adventures of John Wells. On February 18, J.D. Robb continues the “In Death” series with its 38th installment, “Concealed in Death.” “Moving Target,” the 9th book starring Ali Reynolds, by J.A. Jance is also scheduled to be released on February 18.

February 25 brings the long awaited release of “The Troop” by Nick Cutter. “The Troop” is a good horror novel written by an established author using the Nick Cutter pseudonym for the first time. The 25th also brings the release of the 12th book about Rachel Morgan and her supernatural adventures with the release of “The Undead Pool.”

That basically sums up the month of February. My pick for this month’s must read if you only have time for one book would have to be “The Janus Legacy” by Lisa von Biela. This novel is really much more than a horror novel and is sure to make the reader reflect on exactly what it is that makes us human.

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