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February 2010: 17th Annual Stout and Chop Month at all 3 Pubs!


The original Mountain Sun on Pearl Street.Stout Month starts Feb 1

Despite the often cold, grey, dreary weather, February is absolutely THE MONTH to be in Boulder (or this year, Denver). For the past 16 years, the Mountain Sun has poured the world's richest, creamiest, heartiest and most delectable stouts from ten of its taps for all of February. Its 17th year will see Stout Month 2010 at all 3 Mountain Sun Pubs: the original Mountain Sun on Pearl Street, the Southern Sun at Table Mesa and Broadway and for those of you who are Denver-bound, consider yourselves extra-lucky: Stout Month is being extended to the Sun Pubs' newest member of the family, the glorious Vine Street Pub at 1700 Vine Street.

A month anticipated by Boulderites and craft brew aficionados worldwide, Stout Month has evolved from a simple celebration of stout brews to an epic journey featuring local, national and international stouts on draft. The Sun pubs encourage local participation with a Homebrew contest: the winner will be announced and their own uniquely-crafted stout will be featured alongside previous favorite winners, such as Coconut Cream Stout and Stoaked Oak Stout.

So, mark your calendars, because here are the events coming up:

  • Monday, February 1: Stout Month kicks off featuring the Sun's own Belgian Dip, Korova Cream, and Old School Irish Stouts on nitro. Yonder Mountain and Thunder Head Stouts, both perennial faves, will be making appearances as well as Cherry Dip Stout, just in time for Valentine's Day: a prolific chocolate-and-cherry stout combo as striking as Cupid's arrow. These are only a few of the classics that will be offered so come early with a hearty appetite and plan to leave happy (and with safe transportation, please)...and craving more.
  • Tuesday, February 2 at 4:00pm, Jason Stengel and Head Brewer Brian Hutchinson will hold a Stout Class at the Southern Sun, part of the BVSD Lifelong Learning series on Beer Tasting.
  • Tuesday, February 9, Avery's "The Czar" will be featuring a FREE vertical tasting from 4:20 to 6:00pm at the Southern Sun.
  • Tuesday, February 16 the Mountain Sun will host a FREE Usurper Vintage tasting from 4:20 to 6:00pm.
  • Tuesday, February 22 the Vine Street Pub will host a FREE Nihilist Vintage tasting.

While Stout Month is reason enough to come to Boulder during the normally wintered-in, chilly month of February, this year's 12th Annual Chop Month adds an extra stay woolly and warm! "Chop Month" became a regional celebration last year when the Vine Street Pub took up its part in Denver; the 12th Annual Chop Month will be a national event, as former employee Christian Albertson, owner of The Monk's Kettle in San Francisco, will also be hosting Chop Month this February. Chop Month will culminate starting with celebrations at the Vine Street Pub on February 27th at 10:00pm, with an appearance by the King of Chops on his throne, bagpipe playing, and live haircuts and awesome styles flavoring the Pub's vibrant atmosphere even further. Prizes such as pork chops, cash, and beer are given to the Chop Kings; winners are determined by popular vote.

Can't make it to Denver on the 27th? You're in luck. The event will be repeated on the 28th at the original Mountain Sun Pub in Boulder. Owner Kevin Daly calls Chop Month "the culmination" of Stout Month at the Mountain Sun pubs, and Boulderites and visitors alike should seek out one of the stellar pubs' creative, delicious, local, national and international--Young's Double Chocolate from the United Kingdom is one of the featured stouts--offerings during this pantheonic celebration of stout craftsmanship.

For more info: Visit To reach the Mountain Sun, call 303-546-5886. For the Southern Sun, 303-543-5886. To reach the Vine Street Pub in Denver, call 303-388-BEER (2337).


  • Avid Reader 5 years ago

    Sounds like incredibly crafted brews and frivolity!

  • Troy 5 years ago

    Cool, thanks Dondi!

  • bill reinhart 5 years ago


    Love your articles! If I were not a hedonist extrordinaire and therefore longed for the Florida Keys and their 80 degree temperatures in February, I'd be in Boulder for the festival!! Keep up the good work!


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