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February 14 is bling day

Mazza shell earring available at Croghan's
Mazza shell earring available at Croghan's

Bling is the perfect gift for the uniquely American commercial holiday of Valentine’s Day. A day when traditionally lovers, young and not so young, express their love for each other though gifts of flowers, chocolates and jewelry. Flowers and chocolates are nice gifts that say I love you. Their message doesn’t last. Jewelry does. It doesn’t wilt, add calories, go out of style and it will always fit.

Charleston has many wonderful jewelry stores, ranging from the very traditional to contemporary art to wear. Three of my favorite places for bling are Croghan’s Jewel Box, Felice Designs and Rosefire Jewelry. Croghan’s Jewel Box and Felice Designs are located on King Street and are small, locally owned shops. Rosefire Jewelry currently is only available on line.

Croghan’s emphasis is on gemstones. The jewelry designs range from traditional to very modern. Felice’s designs are in Italian glass and are often referred to as funky and cool.
Rosefire’s designs are modern with a delicate romanticism. There is bling in Charleston for every budget and fashion style.