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February 13th is the perfect day to celebrate an Anti-Valentines Day


February 14th has been widely known as a day for husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, and lovers to express their truest and deepest feelings in the form of flowers, confectionaries, and cards. The day as a whole is filled with love and romance. It is a beautiful day for people who have someone to share it with, but what about the people who just have not found the one quite yet? Fitger's in Duluth, MN provides the perfect solution for those who would rather not take part in romance filled escapades. On February 13th there is a free 21+ show. It includes the musical talent of Aurora Bear, The Boom Chucks, Nice Bears, Batteries, Teague Alexy, and DJ Bingh. It is also the Transitors 6-year anniversary party, so it is a great way to support your local music, and entertainment. Don't be afraid to come alone or in a group, it is after all an Anti-Valentines Day party, and you may even meet the perfect one to not celebrate Valentines Day with.