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Featured pet rescue for April: Gainesville Pet Rescue

Gainesville Pet Rescue
Gainesville Pet Rescue
Gainesville Pet Rescue

Gainesville Pet Rescue, Inc. (GPR) is a non-profit organization that strives to match pets and people for a lifetime. All animals that are rescued and taken into the program are guaranteed a home regardless of the length of time they may have to stay in GPR’s foster care program. GPR provides many ways for you to show your support. Some require a long term commitment, while others are a one time commitment. No matter how you show your support, you will be making a difference in an animal’s life and your community.

  • Foster. If you want to experience the love of an animal and the satisfaction of saving a life, without the financial commitment the GPR foster program is for you! GPR provides pet food, litter and all pet care supplies. You provide a safe and loving environment, report on the pet’s behavior, traits and health, transportation for the pet to and from GPR office on adoption days.
  • Donate. Participate in the Dr. Doolittle Fund, become a Guardian Angel, or donate pet supplies. The Dr. Doolittle Fund helps pets at GPR that require special medical attention. The pet might need to be treated for heartworms, have a broken leg repaired, or need daily arthritis medication. Become a Guardian Angel. As a guardian angel you pledge a monthly donation amount to GPR. For as little as $10/month you can help GPR make a difference in the lives of animals. Donate pet supplies. GPR needs regular donations of pet supplies. Call GPR for pet supply needs.
  • Volunteer. Do you love animals? Are you self-motivated and a team player? If you answered yes to both questions, than you should consider volunteering at GPR. Volunteers at GPR do a little of everything from cleaning cat and dog cages, doing laundry and dishes, to providing customer service, adoption counseling, and animal care.
  • Purchase a Florida Animal Friendly License Plate. The purchase and annual renewal of each license plate allows GPR to provide hundreds of animals with low cost spay and neuter services.
  • Events. Support GPR by attending one of their many events. On April 12th GPR is having their Annual Baby Shower and Spring Fling Yard Sale. Save the date and shop until you drop. 100% of proceeds go towards rescued animals! You can help by donating pet supplies and/or items to sale for their yard sale. Check GPR’s website and Facebook page monthly for new events.

Would you like to learn more about Gainesville Pet Rescue? Check out their website or follow GPR on their Facebook page.

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