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Featured instructor: Laura Hancock

Laura Hancock is a group fitness instructor at Studio Fit.
Laura Hancock is a group fitness instructor at Studio Fit.
Susan Thayer

Laura Hancock has been a group fitness instructor and personal trainer for 11 years. She currently teaches at the newly-opened Studio Fit in Castle Rock -- just a short drive for residents of the south suburbs. You can contact her at

What made you want to be a fitness instructor?

I used to love watching all of my mother's exercise videos, like Jazzercise and Abs of Steel, and I would do them over and over until I had them memorized! I was constantly wanting to push myself physically to see where I could take my body.

What is your favorite class to teach?

Bootcamp. The exercises are simple and to the point yet very effective! I also love watching people push past what they thought their limitations were and see how great they feel afterward!

What do you love about group fitness?

When you have a steady group of followers for specific classes, relationships are built between the class attendees. The atmosphere changes to one of support for one another and people truly start to have fun!

What is the biggest challenge about teaching?

Having a large variety of skill levels in the class. It is my goal not only to lead someone through an exercise program, but to teach them about proper form and technique. So when there are different fitness levels in a class, I see it as my challenge to make sure that each and every person has a great workout while working within their own limitations and learning how to make proper modifications if needed.

What motivates you to exercise?

My physical and emotional well-being. When I do not exercise, I feel so different physically and it carries over to how I feel mentally and emotionally. I am a much better mother and wife when I work out!

What do you do in your free time?

I love to spend time with my husband and my two small children. When the season allows, I love to go hiking and mountain biking, or just be outside!

What advice do you have for first-time group exercisers?

Do not be afraid to try something new. Everyone has been in that position before and we all understand. As an instructor, I will make sure that if I have a new student, I give them special attention to make sure they feel as comfortable as possible. The hardest part about getting started is just showing up; after that, it is just about having fun and getting physically fit at the same time!


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