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Featured FIV+ Furkid: Tyson

Tyson is available for adoption from Furkids in metro Atlanta

FIV-positive cats deserve forever homes and Furkids in metro Atlanta is helping make that a reality by waiving all adoption fees for their FIV-positive kitties and offering free medical care for one year. Click here for more information on this special promotion.

FIV stands for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus - it is a virus that affects a cat’s immune system. FIV weakens the immune system making them more vulnerable to other infections. However, FIV-positive cats can live safely with FIV-negative cats.

Each week I will be featuring Furkids’ FIV-positive kitties who are available for adoption. This week’s featured cat is Tyson – a male orange and white tabby cat. Here is a message from Tyson that is posted on the Furkids’ website:

Hi, my name is Tyson and I am as sweet as I am big and handsome. I'm an orange and white tabby boy with lots of love to give. My story started when someone showed me love. I arrived as a stray at a vet tech's home. She took care of me and gave me lots of good food. But now I have a chance to find a place of my very own. I will roll around and meow when I am looking for some attention. I am also happy to find a nice warm lap to relax and chill. You know sleeping is one of my best talents. When I was checked out I was told that I am FIV+, but this is not a death sentence. We can live just as long as cats that do not test positive. All I need is a warm house with a cozy bed and I will be your best furry friend for life. Please consider adopting me and making me a part of your family today!

Click here if you are interested in adopting Tyson or another cat from Furkids.

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In 2013, Furkids saved 1,597 dogs and cats and found forever homes for 1,351 dogs and cats. Click here to read more about Furkids’ mission and history.

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