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Featured FIV+ Furkid: King Leonidas

King Leonidas is available for adoption from Furkids in metro Atlanta

FIV-positive cats deserve forever homes and Furkids in metro Atlanta is helping make that a reality by waiving all adoption fees for their FIV-positive kitties and offering free medical care for one year. Click here for more information on this special promotion.

FIV stands for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus - it is a virus that affects a cat’s immune system. FIV weakens the immune system making them more vulnerable to other infections. However, FIV-positive cats can live safely with FIV-negative cats.

During this special promotion I will be featuring Furkids’ FIV-positive kitties who are available for adoption. Today’s featured cat is King Leonidas - a four year old male kitty. Here is a message that he posted on the Furkids’ FIV House Facebook page recently:

I am King Leonidas, named for the famed hero-king of Sparta! He was brave and strong - just like me. Although I doubt he was nearly as handsome as I am. I have a soft and plush orange tabby fur coat and striking golden eyes.

I was rescued from Forsyth County Animal Control, where I demonstrated my strength and determination to persevere until someone came for me. And Furkids became my hero by bringing me into the fold to find my very own home. I've already got quite the following with the shelter staff and volunteers. They said that I am an absolute doll, but that doesn't quite sound tough enough for a king.

I need to tell you my one special need, which really isn't much of a need at all. I tested positive for FIV, but I am a healthy boy and plan to live a normal life. What I would like to be is your very own furry hero, protecting you and making sure you are never lonely. I am sweet and loving, and just waiting to give all of this affection to you. Please consider making me a part of your family today.

Click here if you are interested in adopting King Leonidas or another cat from Furkids.

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In 2013, Furkids saved 1,597 dogs and cats and found forever homes for 1,351 dogs and cats. As of June 30 of this year, Furkids has saved 1,280 animals and adopted out 937 animals. Click here to read more bout Furkids’ mission and history.

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