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Featured FIV+ Furkid: Gangster

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FIV-positive cats deserve forever homes and Furkids in metro Atlanta is helping make that a reality by waiving all adoption fees for their FIV-positive kitties and offering free medical care for one year. Click here for more information on this special promotion.

FIV stands for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus - it is a virus that affects a cat’s immune system. FIV weakens the immune system making them more vulnerable to other infections. However, FIV-positive cats can live safely with FIV-negative cats.

During this special promotion I will be featuring Furkids’ FIV-positive kitties who are available for adoption. Today’s featured cat is Gangser - a 11 year old male short haired yellow tabby. Here is Gangster’s description from the Furkids’ website:

Don't be fooled by Gangster's thick neck or tough-guy scowl; he's a big softie inside! Hanging out with Gangster is like hanging out with The Dude; he's cool, he's laid back, and he's a loyal friend. In fact, he is quite protective of his buddies - if he ever thinks one of his fellow kitties is in trouble he is quick to jump into action in case he needs to offer assistance. We’re sure he’ll show the same devotion to his human family.

His handsome pale orange coat is an uncommon delight and perfectly complements his deep gold eyes. He is a truly loveable and adorable boy who you will win you over instantly. He is good with other cats, but doesn't like dogs. Take this big blonde boy home!

Click here if you are interested in adopting Gangster or another cat from Furkids.

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In 2013, Furkids saved 1,597 dogs and cats and found forever homes for 1,351 dogs and cats. As of April 30 of this year, Furkids has saved 811 animals and adopted out 581 animals. Click here to read more about Furkids’ mission and history.