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Featured author Danny Baker drives a nail into the skull of convention

Featured poet Danny Baker drives a nail into the skull of society through poetry.
Featured poet Danny Baker drives a nail into the skull of society through poetry.
Photo courtesy of Edgar & Lenore's Publishing House - Apryl Skies

"Equilibrium, in my opinion, is the key to all science whether physical, natural or human. I don't attempt to kill the demons. I don't try to nurture the angels. Writing is my way to keep their numbers in line though it's a continuing process so it's never done." - Danny Baker

Death in the Key of Life by Danny Baker
Danny Baker - Oneiros Books (March 21, 2014)

Featured poet Danny Baker is author of both Fractured (Punk Hostage Press), Death in the Key of Life (Oneiros Books) and contributor to the first and forthcoming Edgar Allan Poet Journals (Edgar & Lenore’s Publishing House). He has contributed to numerous publications in print and online and has been a featured reader at Beyond Baroque, Library Girl & a number of Los Angeles venues.


Danny Baker is a poetic maverick and the type of guy so far off the map of egotism, he is his own uncharted island. It is outside this realm of vanity where Baker truly shines as a beacon of sincerity, balance and truth. Baker’s poetry and prose is always cerebral and intellectual without overt pretense and usually with a kick to the shin of convention. And there is a lot more to Danny’s work than his linguistic approach or simply a didactic delivery. This is a writer who creates from a place of wisdom, perspective and experience, never a place of shallow opinion or agenda. You can read Danny Baker’s bio and see for yourself how far he has come: Danny Baker

The musicality of his rhythms often orchestrate into smoky jazz inspired numbers or what one might describe as harmonized chaos. Danny Baker’s work is distilled into a rich whiskey of language and philosophy.

Please take a moment to read the following prose by Danny Baker. (Click on the title to see the poem paired with photography)

Sartrean Last Rite for The Lady Who Never Breathed Zen

Baker’s unique voice through prose melds a juxtapose of the bilateral and linear foundation of language to create full circle, full spectrum ink that appeals to readers who appreciate complexity, literature with teeth. Baker’s style demands the reader’s attention and focus through a cacophony of consciousness. This is often what is so intriguing about Baker’s presentation as the audience is able to peel back the layers of each word revealing more to garner with each read. This is why his work is so timeless, it has a way of transcendence, of evolving on its own in the mind of the reader.

There is an element of surrealism in the style of writing Baker throws down on the page, a palpable authenticity. This correlation is a crossroads where the conscious and subconscious meet. Much like staring at a painting by Vladimir Kush, the abstractions manifested always present a close relation between two seemingly unrelated realms with arresting articulation.

The lyricism of his verse is quite notable as well and readers will see elements of e.e. cummings within the songful tones of his work. Especially when looking back on some of the older work readers have come to appreciate, such as Blue. (Click on the title to see the poem paired with photography.)

Another example of Danny Baker’s verse is the following poem. (Click on the title to see the poem paired with photography by Alexis Rhone Fancher)

angry skies & spiteful sighs

As immensely talented as author Danny Baker has proven to be, he isn’t above writing a haiku. This one, a clever homage to Kerouac.

Haiku – Ode

southern pacific
raking leaves of open road
sea cries libertine

Danny Baker © 2014

Clearly the versatility and quality of Baker’s body of work is a testament to his remarkable talent. This is a writer who will only continue to surprise and inspire writers with a labyrinthine voice and compelling subject matter.

To see more from this author visit his website:

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