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Feature Points app gets 500K to 1M downloads by giving free apps, money

Feature Points app gets 500K to 1M downloads by giving free apps, money
Feature Points

This Internet Deals Examiner learned about the popular app called "Feature Points" that allows users to get points that can provide them with rewards like discounts on apps, Xbox $10 gift codes, $10 PlayStation Network gift cards, $10 iTunes US gifts cards, $5 PayPal funds and more. It's no wonder their app page states that from 500,000 to 1 million downloads have already occurred for the app.

In order to get these offers, first users have to visit the Feature Points link -- which can be a little confusing when you're searching for the app in the Apple App Store, where it can't be found. I had to visit from my Safari browser on my iPhone in order to download the app, however, it was easily found in the Google Play market on Droid devices.

It will then ask you for a referral code, so feel free to put in this one: 52NIUB

Under the "Get Points" link at the bottom of the screen, you can find all of the app offers available. Under the “rewards” link at the bottom, you can see the types of things to spend your points on, like gift codes, apps and gift cards – and that blessed old PayPal cash.

The “earn more” screen will lead you to your referral code and referral link that you can pass along to others when you tell them about the Feature Points app. Under “settings,” find info about your points history and other frequently asked questions.

At the top right-hand side, you’ll see the points you’ve earned and on the left-hand top side, there will be the number of people you’ve referred and are helping give you beaucoup points.