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Feather me pretty!

Featuring a variety of colors of feather extensions.
Featuring a variety of colors of feather extensions.

There is more to style than just the clothes and accessories you are wearing. If you want an update to your wardrobe without having to spend money on new clothes, then look to the next best accessory you have, your hair! And what better way to add style to your hair now is feather extensions. The feather extension is making girls say bye bye to highlights and hello to feathers.

These bad boys come in a variety of colors, patterns and lengths. What is amazing about them is that they cause no harm to your hair and last for up to a month with straightening and normal styling! The feather extension has a crimp bead at the end that is applied to the root of the hair. Once applied, a feather extension can last up to a month. (And this includes your normal routine of shampooing, blowdrying, and styling!).

Feather hair extensions are applied under the first layer of hair, (so the crimp that holds it in place does not show). If you want a natural look with these, you can match them to your hair, and have them applied where they only show when you pull your hair back. The way these are mostly worn are with one or two on one side, toward the front of the face and one feather on the other. Some people even apply them to only one side of the head.

If you want a less natural or brighter look for the feather extension, you can get them in any color imaginable, and can apply them with as few or many as you want. It is suggested that this is done by a professional, (as they know where to place them, so they do not show). You can even buy online so you are able to choose the color, if the salon you have does not have what you want and take them into your hair stylist to have them placed.

So if you are wanting to add some color to your hair without having to deal with dyes or highlights, look to get a few feather extensions, they'll make you shake your tailfeather! :)

Feather extensions can be applied and bought at many salons regionally. Call, "That French Salon", located at 11600 Mara Lynn Road in West Little Rock. 501-224-3075.


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