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Feast at Fremont Street

While visiting Las Vegas and in the downtown area of Fremont Street, be sure to visit the Garden Buffet at Main Street. For the best array of choices from around the world, go treat yourself for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Anytime you might need a great meal for an exquisite price, this is where you want to go. Along side all the main entrees you will find the best selection of desserts this town has to offer. Pies, ice cream, special little tasty concoctions that are usually only found in the finest of bakeries. Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat loving soul, the most for your palate is just a step away. Visiting this venue many times will still leave you with the thought that you haven't tried everything there is to feast on here. If you are a local you know about this best kept secret at Fremont. Never mind the lights and casino action or even the luscious 99 cent fried twinkie available down the street. For the best adventure in culinary make this stop a must go to while visiting Las Vegas. Cheese enchiladas, pizza, chow mein or manicotti, whatever your pleasure. Picky eaters can find fare that pleases them as well. Enjoy your meal folks. Main Street Garden Buffet is available throughout the week or on the weekends. There is brunch available which allows you to order an omelette of your choice and liking. Then turn around and have a freshly made in front of you buttermilk pancake still piping hot.

It is never too late to become a kid again. Just watch the alcohol consumption and note the new ordinances pertaining to glass bottle usage. There is plenty of other junk food to feast upon, fried twinkies, hot dogs, pretzels and pizza. As well there is an abundance of high end dinner places to go. From the Downtown Grand to California you will find something for everyone in your party.

If gambling is your thing you will be thrilled with all the gaming choices that the Fremont experience provides. Video slots have come a long way since first coming about. Now there are much more technological advances that allow the player to be much more involved with the game. Lots of money has been invested here to bring in the kid in all of us. Whatever your pleasure, enjoy the Fremont Street experience.

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