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"Fearing for his life," Arkansas police chief shoots family dog in self-defense

Police chief shoots family dog
Police chief shoots family dog
Facebook: Dogs Shot by Police

According to an August 21 report by KTHV11, an Alexander, Arkansas family dog was shot by police.

Not much information has come in on the Alexander shooting at this time, other than the Arkansas police chief shot a family dog in self-defense.

A woman told KTHV that Chief Derrick Jackson with the Alexander Police Department came onto her property and shot her dog for barking.

Chief Jackson says when he arrived at the home, the dog started barking and behaving in an aggressive manner. Jackson felt his life was in danger, so he shot the dog.

The owner says Jackson then left her dog in the middle of her yard for her to end its suffering. This leads the reader to believe the dog was shot on private property.

There is no mention on whether or not the dog survived the shooting, or whether the owner had the heartbreaking task of ending her dogs life.

Jackson issued a citation to the owner for having a vicious animal and violation of the leash law. The owner has filed a complaint with the police department.

While this tragic incident is lacking in detail at this time, it repeats excuses we hear time and again any time a family dog is shot.
*The dog was aggressive
*The dog was attacking
*Officer feared for his life
*Officer chose his gun as first line of defense

It's also quite possible the officer is lying about what really happened that day. Police tend to do that rather than admit fear and incompetence whenever a family dog is shot. It all boils down to which story will be believed. Until recently, the officer involved had close to a 100% chance of being cleared.

Listed below is information for the Alexander Police Department, should anyone wish to give them a call or contact them by email.

Alexander Police Department
15605 Alexander Rd, Alexander, AR 72002
(501) 455-1895
Interim Police Chief Derrick Jackson, 501.455.2585

In 2014, the chance of an officer being taken at his word in a dog shooting has come under fire. More and more victims who lost a beloved four-legged family member are fighting back.

One way is by having a necropsy done of their murdered dog to prove the dog was moving away from officers.

This case is similar to the case of Candy Middleton, shot by ex-Rains County Deputy Jerrod Dooley in April 2013. This Examiner article covered that case.

After digging Candy up for a necropsy, it was learned Dooley had shot a dog as it was moving away from him. Dooley was charged with animal cruelty and has pleaded not guilty.

Several police officers have lost their jobs in 2014 over a dog shooting. This is a warning to police. You can continue to shoot family dogs, but the animal loving public is coming for you. We will see you held accountable for your actions, and face charges for your act of cowardice in the form of public humiliation and felony animal cruelty charges.

If the dog shot by Chief Jackson died from its injuries, it is strongly recommended you have a necropsy done to show how many times the dog was shot and where the entrance and exit wounds were.

This article may be amended, should more information become available.

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