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Fear Thru Terror shocks and awes at Phil’s Radiator

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Fear Thru Terror hit the ground running at Phil’s Radiator, on Jan. 15. They were the opening act, along with Fear Thru Terror and Myth of Creation. Seven Days Lost was the main support and Mobile Deathcamp was the headlining act.

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Keith Rickwalt is the drummer, Jake Pacheco is the lead guitarist, Robert Blauser is the bassist and Julian Miera is the vocalist of Fear Thru Terror.

Miera shouted into the microphone multiple times, prior to starting Fear Thru Terror’s recital with “Behind The Lines”. Rickwalt, Pacheco and Blauser also performed their sound checks and it transitioned into a jam session. As they continued to play their instruments, Miera placed the microphone stand next to the front of the stage. He walked near the side of the stage and applied a mask. Shortly after, he removed the mask, returned it where he found it, introduced the first song and provided vocals.

Before the start of “Fear Thru Terror”, Miera greeted those in attendance. During the song, he gave his vocal chords a rest and had Pacheco unleash a solo. As the music continued on, spectators took turns standing near the side of the stage and took photos of Rickwalt with their cellular phones. Blauser motioned for the crowd to raise their devil horns and they followed suit.

After “Fear Thru Terror”, Miera mentioned how he loved playing at the venue. He went onto acknowledge all of the bands on the bill, encouraged everyone to stick around for the rest of the performances and was looking forward to watching the headliner to perform.

Prior to “Yastuvo”, Miera dedicated the song to everyone who has doubted them and had a few choice words for them. As the rest of his band mates performed on stage, he leaped off and into the general admission area.

In reverse fashion, Miera dedicated “Our Journey To Hell” to the spectators. As Fear Thru Terror continued to play their instruments—he jumped as high as he could, he landed off of the stage and he belted out his vocals. While in the general admission area, he utilized the available space and continued his performance. As the song came to an end, Pacheco and Blauser signaled devil horns with both hands and Miera introduced them one last time.

“Empire of Evil” was also part of Fear Thru Terror’s set.