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Fear of Money Communication

Money is one of the top reasons for divorce. This stems from communication breakdown about money. Whether there is a lack of money, overspending as well as values being challenged, even in this day, 2010 there is a fear of communicating about money. Fear means that people are afraid to talk about money because they have an idea of what the result would be.

Brides and Grooms get married all the time without sharing about their financial backgrounds before saying “I Do”. Then once the honeymoon is over and the unknown bills start coming in the relationship changes. Distrust sets in, stress becomes the atmosphere of the marriage and the couple has to focus on removing and reducing debt.

A fear of communication about money can affect work performance, health and even family relationships, especially when the subject of money comes up. If couples would begin talking about money and understanding that it is a resource to be used instead of subject to be avoided, this could reduce the number of divorces because of money.

How do you even begin to remove the fear and begin communicating:

1) Do not base your communication with your husband on what happened in a past relationship
2) Begin slowly and talk with your spouse about a specific financial situation and see what results from the conversation. How did he take it? What was his response? What suggestions did he make?

Local resources for financial communication:


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