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Fear of bad weather in Northeast Wisconsin is just the tip of the iceberg!


TV weather reporting has taken on an edge in the past few years. Channel 2 is the "Storm Tracker." Channel 5, "your severe weather channel." Channel 11 has a daily “Severe Weather Index.”

It hasn’t always been like this. Prior to 9/11 Americans were much less fearful. Now we have a “terror index” and heightened security m"terror index"easures that make us afraid to leave our homes, much less fly.

Some say this is government’s way of controlling the population. Citizens controlled out of fear: fear of cameras at traffic lights, fear of an IRS audit, fear of those who are different.

More people now deadbolt their doors and have installed security cameras out of fear of others. Even churches that had no locks on their doors for decades are installing deadbolts and security systems.

Jesus came to demonstrate a better way to live. He showed how to “control” others out of love, not fear. Consider love as the opposite of fear. If everyone were to truly love others, what a different world it would be!

What if there was more “good” news for TV to report? Imagine a daily Love Index instead of a Terror Index.

But the Good News of the gospel is not politically “correct.” Seems humanity has a long way to go.


  • Max 5 years ago

    Jim: Very good point! Something I hadn't thought about but whether it is in our personal life, business, etc., more often than not the fear of punishment of some sort seems to rule. Of course not everyone is like this.

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