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Fear mounts for dogs left outside in frigid conditions at breeding operation

Advocates fear for the safety of dogs left outside
Advocates fear for the safety of dogs left outside
Via Save the Dogs from Flat Creek Border Collies FB page

Update 1/7/14: From the Lexus Project Facebook page on Tuesday afternoon.

All but 4 adult dogs have been removed as of today. The 4 that are remaining have proper, insulated kennels and all other provisions that have been inspected.

The puppies have all been moved inside and cannot go back out in the day unless it is over 32 degrees and in the evenings unless it is over 45 degrees.

All the dogs that were removed will be returned when all the provisions that were agreed upon in court are done and inspected. There will be continued inspections.

We return to court on January 21 to see where things stand and where we go from here.

Today was the emergency hearing, January 21 is the return date.

Mission accomplished.

When the temperature plummeted in upstate N.Y., advocates began to worry for the safety of dogs who are kept outside at the Flat Creek Border Collies breeding operation in Sprakers, reported Monday's International Business Times.

Despite temperatures which are well below freezing, dozens of photos have been captured of dogs who are living outside, in the snow, with only plastic barrels for shelter from the elements.

Advocates, concerned for the dogs' welfare, took to social media to raise awareness of the conditions at the breeder's property and already nearly 4,500 people have joined the Facebook page which was created just days ago.

Local authorities who visited Flat Creek Border Collies over the weekend have determined that the breeder has done nothing to violate the law; all that is technically required is food, water and shelter.

However, according to Monday's WNYT News, a judge is now involved in the situation and on Tuesday afternoon, the person who runs the breeding operation will have to appear in court to prove that the dogs are well cared for.

If State Supreme Court Justice Joseph Sise decides that the conditions at the Sprakers farm are inhumane, the dogs could be seized.

Click here for the Facebook page created to raise awareness about the conditions at the breeding operation.

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