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Fear; An emotional prison

Fear is an awful feeling. It imprisons us and holds us back from being our one true self. Fear is crippling and invasive.

What is fear? Fear is one of our greatest emotions and is programmed into us from birth. It is part of our natural instinct. If we are in danger, fear may be the only thing that helps us to stay alive. But aside from helping us, fear, most times, debilitates us.

Because we fear fear itself we sometimes hold back on making certain decisions, we hold back on following our inner voice, our intuition, and with that we meet greater obstacles in life. Those obstacles then cause us even more fear. Fear of future events that haven't happened yet, that we have no control over could be referred to as anxiety.

There is fear from ridicule, fear from loss, and even fear from succeeding. We even have fear of certain things, or places, or events. Some people fear spiders, snakes, and flying. Some people fear being alone, being forgotten, and some people even fear crowds.

There are circumstances of where we hold in our emotions, our feelings, and our thoughts because we fear upsetting our loved ones or other people around us. A young woman might be in fear of upsetting her abusive husband and suppresses her feelings and emotions in order to keep him from abusing her verbally, emotionally, and physically. She may feel this is best, but her fear then becomes a day to day shackle around her that she can't escape.

Fear can sometimes creep in at the work place. In today’s society we have millions of people out of work and those who still have jobs, whether full time or part time, can have stress wondering if they will be next. They witness the company loosing profits, there are more layoffs, and down sizing. Fear of being the next one to get the pink slip is one of the greatest battles most individuals are currently facing.

Fear. A nasty four letter word. It can manifest in many forms, anxiety, depression, loneliness, sadness. How do we overcome fear?

We can overcome fear in a variety of ways. We must first learn whats causing the fear or anxiety and focus on the goals of changing our way of thinking related to that cause.

There is a difference between feeling a little nervous before giving a speech and full blown panic at being in front of a crowd. Some types of fear or anxiety can be controlled and reduced with natural remedies such as herbal treatments, St John's Wort is very good for anxiety. Deep breathing exercises help to lower blood pressure and slow heart rate which can aid in lowering our anxiety and fear level.

We have to realize and accept that fear is part of life. It's always with us and when it comes creeping in we have to face it and not push it aside. Because even if you push it aside, when you come back around the next day, it's still there. It's better to try and face it and move passed it then hide from it.

Life coaches and therapists are trained to help us overcome our fears. Local mental health facilities will have information on where to find great support in your community. Don't let fear control your life. If your having problems with anxiety, stress, fear, and uncertainty contact your local pastor, spiritual adviser, or mental health facility.

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