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FDA to prepare salt reduction plan

Food companies and restaurants could soon face government pressure to make their foods less salty. According to the ABC 7 News website yesterday, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is preparing voluntary guidelines asking the food industry to lower sodium levels. This new salt reduction plan will help prevent thousands of deaths each year from heart disease and stroke.

It's unclear as to when the FDA will release these guidelines, despite its 2013 goal to have them completed this year. However, FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg hopes the agency would be able to publicly discuss the issue "relatively soon." "We believe we can make a big impact working with the industry to bring sodium levels down, because the current level of consumption really is higher than it should be for health, she says.

Many food companies and retailers have already been going along with this new plan. Wal-mart pledged to reduce sodium in many items by 25 percent next year and Subway has recently made a 30 percent reduction restaurant-wide. For more information on this story, visit

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