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FDA to declare GMOs as natural is the top question: GMO labeling outlawed

The news of GMOs has gone viral regarding the latest ploy to outsmart the American consumer. There is a petition that is being filed by the GMAGrocery Manufacturers Association that wants to authorize ingredients derived from biotechnology as natural ingredients.

Do they really believe GMO ingredients are natural?

According to a news report from the FDA on Jan. 11 acknowledging the petition and responding quickly to the courts regarding the adoption of genetically modified foods as natural or all natural. Thus far the FDA isn’t buying into the petition and sent a letter to three federal district court judges.

The answer from the FDA stated that they are “declining the courts’ requests to adopt a definition of “natural” or to state whether the terms “natural” or “all natural” can be used to refer to foods containing genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) to help resolve pending consumer class actions over the term.”

“The FDA cited three reasons for its decision not to define the term(s): (1) it would prefer to use a public, administrative process than to define the term in the context of private litigation; (2) the definition implicates other agencies, most notably, the USDA; and, (3) the FDA has limited resources and other matters currently take priority.”

Consumers are outraged at the thought of not having food products labeled properly. If an item contains GMOs it should be listed on the label just like nuts, whey and other ingredients so each individual consumer can make a health and educated decision to purchase that particular item or leave it on the shelf. It is unbelievable that the Grocery Manufacturers Association are so adamant about feeding the public unnatural food ingredients that they are stooping this low to fool and out-smart the public about what is or isn’t in a particular food.

We can understand their need to sell their products, profit from the research they have put into their projects but not to inform the public is not the way to go. No one will actually know what is in the foods they are eating so how can they be aware of allergies or some chemical that may alter the way medications that are necessary for existence may affect those individuals.

A deceptive approach is not the way to keep the food consumers faith or sway them to their way of thinking. There are enough additives in foods currently, adding more bio-tech ingredients seems too many like they are being poisoned with approval. It is the people’s choice whether they want to add toxins, chemicals or consume unnatural foods into their systems. It should not be left up to the manufacturers of these unnatural ingredients to make that decision for us.

What is your reaction to outlawing GMO labeling, marking those ingredients as natural and being deceived by the Grocery Manufacturers Association?

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