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FDA proposes a new system for complaints about pet food

Our pets deserve health and happiness. Take the time to voice your opinions to the FDA!
Our pets deserve health and happiness. Take the time to voice your opinions to the FDA!

If you have a pet that gets sick or dies, and you suspect a problem with the pet's food, how do you register a complaint to get some action? The answer is the FDA, which has jurisdiction over pet foods.

However, under the current system, the pet owner must first contact an FDA complaint coordinator in their particular region and then hope that the coordinator will bother to return the call. Sue Thixton, author of the highly respected TruthAboutPetFood, reports about this situation in her January newsletter and says she has "heard from many pet owners that have never received a follow up call from their FDA complaint coordinator."

Now, the FDA has announced a proposed online system for pet owners to report illness and adverse effects from pet food. The FDA is asking for comments about this idea. This is the perfect opportunity to tell the FDA how important it is to have a complaint-reporting system that works!

In particular, the FDA wants your feedback about the questions that the system will ask each person who submits a complaint. To read the FDA's proposal, including those questions, go to the FDA notice. Scroll down a bit to see the questions.

Then to submit a comment, go to this site. On that page, click on Submit a Comment. Fill out the information and your comment in the box provided. Click Submit.

This is an exciting opportunity. Yes, pet owners will still have to rely on the FDA to take action, but this is an excellent start. Please take the time now to make sure your voice is heard. If you wait until you have a pet emergency, it may be too late!